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Individual Sessions
Ranging from 45-90 minutes, individual counseling sessions address needs identified through the assessment process at the beginning of our work together. Through the development of goals, objectives and interventions we will collaborate to address your specific needs. Individual counseling may include traditional talk therapy, expressive arts therapy, trauma-informed therapy and/or wellness consulting. Services are offered both in-person and via Telehealth.
Parent Consultation
Offered either directly to parents or in combination with individual counseling for a child/youth client, parent consultation is a wonderful support for parents and children as they navigate their path to wellness. Offered both in-office and via phone/Telehealth, this modality provides holistic care for families.
Trauma-Informed Therapy
Survivors of either single-event trauma or ongoing trauma require treatment by a therapist trained in trauma-sensitive counseling. Utilizing theories and techniques specific to trauma treatment such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Sensorimotor Therapy we are able to address the specificities of this diagnosis.
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